Minnesota Productions in proud to introduce our new Theater company, Theater NOW! 

Visit our new theater ensemble Theater NOW for the new “Workshop your Dreams” development series. Many new and upcoming productions are being developed in Minnesota at our new residency at The Lowry Lab Theater, St. Paul.

Visit us at www.theaternow.org and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Theatre.now.

Our new plays and screenplays… (in development)

“The Abyss”, An Alzheimer’s journey

“Carbon”, An interactive life form (screenplay)

“The Second Oldest Profession”, *Our new sitcom and improvisational performances

(*watch for our fundraiser coming soon, you won’t want to miss the live performances by our talented cast, presented by our fabulous crew)

A special festival and fundraising event, Generations….

“Dead and Alive”, a generation remembered

“Buddha”, modern enlightenment

“BEAT”, A NY Jazz story

“Half lives”, Growing up in disguise

To our wonderful cast, crew and audiences:

Thank you all for supporting us and witnessing the great productions of Collected Stories and Brooklyn Boy by Donald Margulies, and All About Al, developed and performed by incredibly talented cast and crew.

We could not have done this without the great audience support we received for these plays. On behalf of the cast and crew, I thank you.

Robert Marcus, Producer & Director

Collected Stories, Donald Margulies

“Collected Stories enters the complicated relationship between mentor and student; the adulation, friendship and heartbreaking betrayal between a teacher and her protege”.

Brooklyn Boy, Donald Margulies

“Brooklyn Boy examines the effects of a man determined to establish his own path by breaking away from his familial roots”.

All About Al, written by Cherie Vogelstein

“Roguish Gil and his elderly friend, Lenny, engage in a passionate debate of the merits of love and sex”.


Bova Actors workshop

October 5, 6, 7, 2012

The Lowry Lab Theater
350 St. Peter St.
St. Paul, MN

Free Demo and
Intro, Oct 5, 2012

No registration

For more info
visit www.theaternow.rog