Minnesota Productions Presents
Bova Actors Workshop, Oct 5, 6, 7, 2012

It’s another great year when The Bova Actors workshop returns to Minnesota.

Here’s all the information for this years beginning.

Hosted at the Lowry Lab Theater, Saint Paul

Oct 5th,  6-8pm, Free introduction and demonstration of the Eric Morris System. Invite your friends and colleagues.

Oct 6th  9-5pm, Day one

Oct 7th, 9-5pm, Day two

For information please email baw@minnesotaproductions.com or call 651-270-1836

See Anthony’s video on the Eric Morris System,


Payment options for the Oct 5-7 Bova Actors Workshop:

Please read carefully. Limited to 14 participating actors and 2 auditors. For auditing information or to learn more about the FREE workshop, please contact Bob Marcus: baw@minnesotaproductions.com

The cost of the weekend workshop is $300.00. Payment options are listed below.

Payment plans available:

Payment Plan Option: $150.00 partial payment. Balance of $75.00 per month for the next two months. Please contact Bob Marcus for details and agreements. (Guaranteed spot)  email to: rmarcus@minnesotaproductions.com

Auditors: Please contact Bob Marcus for auditing availability. (Auditing is available at $150.00 for the workshop)

Check or Money Orders are accepted and must be made payable to Minnesota Productions.  Please contact Bob Marcus for mailing details.

Covering in this workshop:

In this session, Anthony will focus on Parallel Scenes, to prepare actors for…

- Audition Preparation

- Character Analysis

- Character Breakdown

- Monologues

- Scenes

- Instrumental Work

- Craft Work

- Critique of your work and much more

Eric Morris is one of Hollywood’s most sought after acting coaches and author of 6-best selling acting text books, including No Acting Please, foreword by Jack Nicholson (a former Eric Morris student).

Anthony Vincent Bova is the exclusive New York and Minnesota instructor of the Eric Morris System.  Actors who train with Anthony are frequently seen on Broadway, film and television.

Anthony has built an international reputation for training actors how to identify and eliminate emotional blocks and personal obstacles to organic expression.

Who should Study with Anthony: – Actors who are committed to NOT ACT but be truthful in their work. – Actors who are committed to cultivating their talent … not just pass on their looks or character type. – Actors who are committed to being more marketable in their career as actors
“When I read a book by…Eric Morris called No Acting Please, it put it all in perspective for me.” – JOHNNY DEPP
on “Inside The Actors Studio”
Why Study With Anthony Vincent Bova:

- Actors who study with Anthony book work because they are much more equipped than the competition.

- To learn an acting foundation second to none that they can depend on for every take.

- To have new tools in the actors  “tool kit” that can be depended on.

Bova Actors workshop

October 5, 6, 7, 2012

The Lowry Lab Theater
350 St. Peter St.
St. Paul, MN

Free Demo and
Intro, Oct 5, 2012

No registration

For more info
visit www.theaternow.rog